Wild Hope

Mongrel Assemblies

Mongrel Assemblies has been created by repurposing salvaged materials from the National Gallery of Victoria’s annual commision for a temporary pavilion. The materials are transported to a quarry in the Otways region under the care of the collaborative practice These Are the Projects We Do Together, which stores, catalogues and repairs them for re-use. Its work is beamed into the gallery through live feeds (see Quarry TV: Broadcast Live) that trace the human and machine labour involved in the process of transforming raw material to finished goods.

Mongrel Assemblies experiments with machine learning’s capacity to translate material data into compositions that minimise offcuts, waste and labour by training a machine agent to find simplicity and efficiency. The resulting installation reveals the imprint of the land at the quarry on its material substance hints at its past use as a pristine pavilion and indicates potential future uses for new custodians.

Project leaders:
Caitlin Parry, Helen Duong

Additional Project team members: Sam Torre, Zeke Zhang, Alex Moorrees
commit to caretaking