Wild Hope

Mongrel Assemblies

The materials exhibited during a Wild Hope: Conversations for a Planetary Common have been optimised and curated from building materials salvaged from past National Gallery of Victoria Pavilions. 

Its reassembly reveals the imprint the land at The Quarry has had on its material substance, hints at its past use as pristine places of pavilion leisure and showcases its potential future use for new custodians. 


We are currently accepting project proposals for the resuse and future care of these materials, a means of fostering a system of collective knowledge-making and sharing - acknowledging that materials are living things with past, presents and infinite futures. 

where do you place yourself in these cycles of extraction?
how/what/why could you be their new custodian(s)?
how can you design and make for the next caretaker in mind?

what worlds could you make?
what stories could you create?

Send through expression of interests to caitlyn@caitlynparry.com

commit to caretaking